The Cranbourne Primary School 4



Thank you for visiting The Hoddesdon School Trust.

The Trust formed in September 2016 in what was the natural evolution of longstanding partnerships between The John Warner School, The Cranbourne Primary School and Roselands Primary School.

Our schools are all in Hoddesdon, and are physically close, allowing strong curriculum collaboration and robust shared pastoral practices that are consistent with our belief in the importance of creating shared memories and futures together with those that we serve.

We are committed to providing the best possible quality of education for the children in our schools, and playing a leading in part in supporting the wider community as we navigate through the current challenging circumstances.

To do this we rely on recruiting, retaining and professionally developing the best staff and working on initiatives that fulfil needs that are significant locally, national and globally and include the 'STEM' subjects science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the creative arts, business and enterprise, and service industries more widely.
The vibrancy of our Trust is best seen through the websites of our schools, each of which will be upgraded in the coming weeks as we refine the way we share information and experiences whilst retaining the distinctive nature and unique strengths of the individual schools themselves.