Our Vision, Mission, Ethos, Shared Values and Strategy

Trustees champion the Trust’s vision of creating memories and futures together.

Their mission is to build a strong and secure platform for the lifelong learning of all the Trust’s children, staff and the community it serves by offering a broad, balanced and well-rounded education for all, in the belief that through shared values and high aspirations its Academies are stronger together. Trustees are committed to helping children and young people to discover, grow and develop their own potential for success today, and throughout their lives.

The ethos of The Hoddesdon School Trust and the values shared across it are aspiration, creativity, participation, respect, and endeavour. These mean that all stakeholders:

  • aim high in all that they do, prepare to succeed in school and in life, and aim to create memories and futures together;
  • believe that they are all creative, that they love learning and thinking deeply and they acknowledge the importance of education for education's sake;
  • learn from each other to make a positive impact on our school, families and world, broaden their skills beyond the classroom and promote community links through charity work;
  • create a mutually respectful atmosphere, embrace diversity, have respect for themselves and form positive relationships in an environment that is free from prejudice, bullying and harassment;
  • believe that hard work leads to success, believe in the importance of service to achieve targets, goals and ambitions, and believe in the need to develop resilience to thrive in an ever-changing world.

The overarching framework and operational objectives for fulfilling the Trust's mission and achieving its vision through these values and shared ethos are set out in the Trust’s Strategic Plan, and progress to date together with current and future priorities are set out in its Annual Report and Financial Statements.