The Cranbourne Primary School 2

The Cranbourne Primary School

At Cranbourne, we aim to give children a primary education they will never forget, rich with diverse opportunities and experiences.

We welcome all children and see every child as an individual, valuing the contributions of all children across all areas of school life. We provide a high standard of education in a secure, happy environment. We aim for children to become confident, enquiring and independent learners, ready to challenge themselves, and enjoy and value learning.

We expect children to strive for their best in all areas of school life – academic, physical, artistic and recreational. We promote and achieve high standards of self-discipline and behaviour. We provide opportunities for every child to develop the social skills of tolerance and consideration, mutual respect and care.

We value the vital partnership between home and school, with parents and staff working together for the benefit of the children as we prepare them for success in the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Rachel Semark

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