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Roselands Primary School

Our aim is to provide a stimulating, secure and relaxed environment in which children of various nationalities, religions and cultures can thrive and work happily together.

We help each child to develop to the maximum of his/her potential ability by educating the whole person – intellectually, physically, morally, spiritually and emotionally. Equal access is provided for every pupil to the National Curriculum. We offer a structured approach to teaching and learning in an attractive, well-maintained and safe environment.

We maintain a broad curriculum based on English, Maths and Science, integrating ICT, recognised by our National Award. We foster the development of the Arts whilst offering a wide range of music and sport for all, acknowledged by achieving the Activemark.

We aim to develop self-discipline in our pupils and want our children to grow into flexible, mature, thinking adults who will be able, not only to cope with but enjoy the many challenges of the twenty-first century.

Jane Carson

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